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How Technological Advancements Will Shape the Future of the Battlefield

This excerpt from Robert Latiff's Future War looks at how future technological advancements will change virtually every aspect of war as we know it.


17 Best Self-Help Books to Guide You on the Road to Self-Care

Why not make a vow to yourself to heighten your self-care with the new year? These 17 self-help books will help you to move in a positive direction.


On the Ubiquitous, Economy-Shaping, Library-Defining Billy Bookcase

An excerpted chapter from Tim Harford's book, Fifty Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy, discussing the significance of the Billy bookshelf from IKEA.


3 Predictions About Evolution in Our Changing World

Biology professor and author Jonathan B. Losos shares three predictions about the future of evolution and discusses how we will impact natural selection.


The Inevitable: An Interview with Kevin Kelly on the Future of Technology

Kevin Kelly discusses the powerful impact of technological forces on our future, and the skills we will need to thrive in the new world of innovation.