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Savage Whiskers: 12 Quotes About the Lives of Rabbits

Don't be deceived by rabbits' innocent demeanor and fuzzy ears: across the ages, they've remained a potent source of symbolism and literary inspiration.


Be Not Proud: 10 Books To Help Us Face Mortality

As we get older, coping with loss (as well as our mortality) becomes a full-time job. The following books will help you prepare, and cope, with grace.


The Last Interview: Revisiting Christopher Hitchens in 2017

A new collection of interviews with the late writer inspires curiosity about where his iconoclastic voice and views would fit in today's world.


What Now: 8 Books to Understand Death

Casey Jarman, editor behind the new book Death: An Oral History, shared eight books that are musts to fully understand death.


Scrooge Approved: 15 Author Quotes for Bah-Humbuggers

Here's a batch of author quotes sympathetic to bah-humbuggers, conscientious objectors, and those deferring their merriment until a better year comes along.


Don’t Fear the Reaper: 5 Wry Memoirs for All Hallow’s Eve

Halloween, as scholars of myth tell us, is rooted in the idea of laughing in the face of death. Your holiday will not be complete without these stories taking a lighter approach to a very, umm, grave subject.