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Herman Melville, From Novella to Opus: What to Read and Where to Start

Moby-Dick is worth reading, we promise: It's as good as everyone says. Here's where to start with reading Herman Melville!


Why the Gender Relations in Middlemarch Are Relevant Today

Lorraine Berry analyzes the gender relations in George Eliot's Middlemarch and explains why they are unfortunately relevant today.


How Reading Proust Can Ruin Your Life

Never read Proust? Want to? Beware: His prose just may take over your entire life. Caroline Weber shares what happened when she read Proust.


10 Classics From High School English to Read or Read Again

You may have skipped out on these classic novels when they were assigned to you in high school English. Now's your chance to give them some attention.


Our 25 Favorite Closing Lines in Literature

What are your favorite closing lines in literature? We picked our top 25, from Harry Potter to Charles Dickens and beyond.


What Hard Times by Charles Dickens Can Teach Us About the Individual

Charles Dickens championed the individual and disdained the crowd. Lorraine Berry explores this dynamic in light of his book Hard Times.