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A Chat with Dave Eggers’ Latest Subject: Mokhtar Alkhanshali

A lively discussion with bestselling author Dave Eggers' latest book subject, Yemeni coffee impresario Mokhtar Alkhanshali.


9 Famous Independent Bookstore Coffee Shop Combinations

There are many beloved bookstores across the country. Here are nine great independent bookstore and coffee shop combinations in the U.S.


A Short History of the Long Love Affair Between Coffee and Books

In honor of the potent alliance of coffee and literature (and the arts in general), here are some fun facts about two of our favored stimulants.


Caffeine Dreams: 13 Books for the Coffee Obsessed

Can you imagine what the zing of caffeine can produce when confined to pen and paper? Start a fresh brew and pick up one of these books to find out.


Java Nation: Meet the People Behind Your Daily Cup of Coffee

Murray Carpenter, author of Caffeinated, profiles some of the little-known people in the coffee industry -- from farmers to entrepreneurs -- whose roles have fueled our morning jolt.