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Why We Talk to the Dead: Ghosts in History, Culture, and Literature

Lorraine Berry explores humanity's fascination with ghosts and spirits, and recommends Ben Dolnick's The Ghost Notebooks to ghost story fans.


A Ghost Guy’s 13 Off-the-Radar Picks for Best Horror Movies

Author Colin Dickey knows from ghosts and the horror stories that come with. Here he offers his picks for thirteen lesser-known best horror movies.


Listen: 10 Best-of-Books Author Podcasts

As the Best Books lists roll out, we’re revisiting conversations with some of the writers receiving end-of-year accolades via these author podcasts.


The Most Haunted Place in Manhattan and More with Colin Dickey

Where's the most haunted place in Manhattan? And Brooklyn? Ghostland author Colin Dickey talks ghostly details about haunted places and more in our interview.


What We Talk About When We Talk About Ghosts

Colin Dickey knows from hauntings. But what are we really getting into when we dip into conversation about ghosts?


Dead Residents: 5 Famous Haunted Houses from Colin Dickey's Ghostland

Get in the Halloween spirit with this illustrated guide to five real haunted houses from around the country, adapted from Colin Dickey's Ghostland.