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The World Down Under: 10 Best Books to Understand Australia

This list of ten books and novels, most written by Australian authors, should give insight into the literary world down under.


A Journey to Independence: The 8 Best Books to Understand Kenya

These books and novels, many of which written are by Kenyan authors, should give insight into the remarkable country of Kenya and its complex history.


A Scarred, Resilient Nation: 10 Best Philippines Books

These books, many written by Filipino and Filipino-American authors, will help readers understand the Philippines and the facets that shape that nation's culture.


Jennifer McVeigh on Morality and Mental Illness in Colonial Kenya

Jennifer McVeigh on the social dichotomies that were at play in 1950s Kenya, exemplified by the elite Muthaiga Club and the corrupt Mathari Mental Hospital.


Revisiting the Burden of Rudyard Kipling’s Legacy, 150 Years On

Writer-illustrator Nathan Gelgud interprets Rudyard Kipling's legacy on his 150th birthday.


Cabeza de Vaca: An Unlikely Hero For Native Americans

He was a great American explorer, a champion of Native American rights, and you definitely haven't heard of him. Robin Varnum, biographer of Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, reminds readers of the Spanish settler's epic legacy in early American history.