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6 Things H. Jon Benjamin Has Failed At, and Why Failure Is Liberating

H. Jon Benjamin, comic and voice behind the titular characters of "Archer" and "Bob's Burgers," considers himself a failure, and here's why that's so great.


They Don’t Just Act: 18 Celebrities With Books That Are Worth a Read

These celebrities don't just act - they also write. From Tom Hanks to Mindy Kaling, these celebrities have all written fantastic books.


On Humor Writing, Comedy, and John Hodgman’s Writing

Nathan Gelgud on how John Hodgman transcends the often un-funny nature of humor writing, plus a trip Hodgman took to the cemetery with his daughter.


Gabe Hudson on the Importance of Humor and Adaptation

Gabe Hudson, author of Gork, the Teenage Dragon, discusses the importance of writing jokes, and his experience with culture shock when getting his MFA.


7 Hilarious Women Writers to Read Right Now

The pen is mightier than the sword – and certainly funnier. Case in point? These hilarious women writers whose books you should read right now.


Eddie Izzard and Beyond: British Comedians Take Humor to the Page

Here are 5 books by and about popular British comedians, featuring world-renowned Eddie Izzard and his new memoir: Believe Me.