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Stray City Proves Writing About Reality Doesn't Have to Be Miserable

Chelsey Johnson's Stray City takes a look at the gritty reality of poverty in Portland in the 1990s, while also exploring moments of joy and humor.


Other Kids’ Homes: On Class and Coming of Age

Visiting the homes of childhood friends, the author of Green discovered firsthand how class issues color how we see the world.


The 10 Best Books for Fans of ‘Stranger Things’ to Read Before Season 2

These 10 novels should be enough to either whet your appetite for season two of “Stranger Things” or give you plenty to do once the final credits roll.


After Cancer, A Father Reflects

Elisha Cooper shares what it's like to be a father to two daughters, and reflects on his experience raising a daughter afflicted with cancer.


Reading Children’s Literature as an Adult with Fresh (Tear-Stained) Eyes

Bruce Handy's Wild Things encourages reading children’s books as an adult, and here, he shares strong emotions he's experienced with children's stories.


Throwing Out the Writerly Constraints and More with Claire Messud

Claire Messud joins us for a conversation to discuss her most recent book, The Burning Girl, relationships, coming-of-age, imagination, and writing.