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The Good and the Bad of Artificial Intelligence: 10 Need-to-Know Facts

1. AI is coming for your job. To safeguard your career, go for jobs that machines are bad at – involving people, unpredictability and creativity. Avoid careers about to get automated away, involv


Reshma Saujani on the Need for Female Leaders in Computer Science

Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code, looks at the gender gap in the computer science industry, and explains why more girls should be taught coding.


Ada’s Algorithm: A Q&A with James Essinger on Righting the Tech Record

Ada Lovelace's brilliant work in computer science anticipated the computer you patter away at today. We're chatting with James Essinger, whose new biography 'Ada's Algorithm' is the first to chronicle the innovator's life from cradle to grave.


On Code-Breaking and Death By Cyanide: Tales for Alan Turing’s Centennial Year

British mathematician Alan Turing, the man now known as the father of computer science, saw deep into our future, leaving minds and hands to come to work out the details of his vision. He would have turned 100 this June -- an event marked throughout 2012 by, among other celebrations, the publishing of various biographies.


An Illuminating Chat with George Dyson, Author of Turing’s Cathedral

In Dyson's latest brilliant work, he explores the origin and expansion of the digital universe -- which began with Turing's innovative vision, how code has taken over our world, and where the digital universe may be heading next. Dyson spoke with Signature and left us craving more of his theories and insights as to where our future lies.