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5 Surprising Things About the Hunting Life

Eva Shockey has grown up a hunter and continues to live field-to-table. Here she outlines five things that may surprise us about the hunting life.


On Elephants, the Illegal Ivory Trade, and Fiction

World-renowned expert on elephants Caitlin O’Connell discusses how her experience with elephants and the illegal ivory trade has influenced her fiction.


Rogue Rangers and America at Its Best: On National Parks in 2017

Former park ranger Kristen Britain brings us up to speed on the state of the National Parks – and shares seven ways for you to help keep them thriving.


When Elephants Talk Back: A Q&A with Vicki Croke

Vicki Constantine Croke, who specializes in nonfiction works about the animal kingdom, chronicles James Howard Williams's remarkable life in 'Elephant Company.'