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How Christina Tosi, the Visionary Behind Milk Bar, Gets Her Inspiration

When Christina Tosi isn’t in sweets mode, she makes heavenly dishes like this seven-layer dip, which is perfect for satisfying those late night munchies.


How Moving to New York from Sweden Changed My Approach to Cooking

Johanna Kindvall, author of Smorgasbord and an expert on Swedish cuisine, talks about her experience in moving to NYC from Sweden, and about food culture.


Brooklyn’s Andrew Tarlow on Cooking and Eating Local

Andrew Tarlow, founder of Brooklyn's Diner, on his first cookbook and why we should always eat and cook with locally sourced foods.


Food-and-Book Pairings in Lieu of Travelling to France

Were you born to read while sipping champagne on the Riviera? Then join us on a literary and culinary journey beginning with The Food and Wine of France.


Stories and Recipes from Lobster-Pusher, Fisherman, and “Chowda-Maker” Ben Sargent

Ben Sargent is happy to educate viewers of his Cooking Channel show Hook, Line & Dinner and readers of his new book The Catch: Sea-To-Table Recipes, Stories, and Secrets, co-written with celebrated food writer Peter Kaminsky, on sustainable fishing practices. Never, though, will you hear Sargent preach.


The Art of Maintaining, and Being Maintained By, a Japanese Farm

Twenty-three years ago, Californian food lover Nancy Singleton married organic egg farmer Tadaaki Hachisu and took up with him on this working homestead in the Japanese countryside. Now a full-fledged farmer’s wife, she’s chronicled her daily life in “Japanese Farm Food,” a cookbook with all the right ingredients to make a proper memoir, too.