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10 Books to Help You Understand the Indescribable

Here’s a look at ten books which turn the ineffable into sentences and paragraphs, and help to give us a better sense of the world around us.


The Cosmic Perspective: 10 Stirring Quotes By Carl Sagan

Wherever he is now, Carl Sagan turns 83 this week. We're celebrating by combing his literary canon for key insights into the fate of humankind.


Anne Rice Heralds the Return of Lestat

Editor's Note: In today's roundup, we're talking Anne Rice, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jim Henson, and more.


UK Casts an Eye Toward American Lit With Goon Squad on Best Books List

Long weekend? See if you can keep up as Signature bids farewell to a great scientific mind and then takes a virtual tour of the Vatican.


'Family Guy' Creator Seth MacFarlane Reaches for the Cosmos

When great scientific minds begin to speculate that aliens might wipe us out as a precautionary measure, it may be time for a re-education campaign.