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How to Deal with Plotter’s Block (Which Is Worse Than Writer’s Block)

Francesca Hornak, auhor of Seven Days of Us, on how she tackles the one thing worse than writer's block: plotter's block (and why stealing ideas is okay).


Know Your Place in Time: How to Keep History Alive for Your Readers

How does an author make something old new again? John Schuttler, avid researcher and coauthor of Liberated Spirits, weighs in on the matter.


5 Pieces of Writing Advice No One Tells You

Author Abbi Waxman shares a bit of humor, wit and some practical, sound writing advice for those who want to become better writers.


In Perfect Harmony: Why Music and Fiction Work Well Together

Renowned author William Boyd explains why writing a novel about a musician is difficult but worthwhile, when done properly.


Perspective and Protection: The Use of Third Person in Fiction

Kerri Maher, author of The Kennedy Debutante, shares the perks and drawbacks of using third person narration when writing fiction.


10 Best Books on the Art of Storytelling

Whether you’re looking for advice or simply seeking a greater understanding of literary craft, there’s plenty to ponder in these books on storytelling.