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Ignite Your Imagination: 12 Books on Creativity to Read Now

Have you been feeling dull, and like you've lost your sense of innovation? Here's a list of 11 books that will bring your creative side back to life.


Transcending Worlds: How Travel Can Benefit Writers

Author Allison Amend shares how her unexpected travel experiences have helped her in her writing, and how she shapes her stories around what she's learned.


Ask a Writer: When Is It OK to Bend History to Your Novel’s Needs?

We asked author Susan Meissner: When is it okay to bend history for the sake of story? Here’s where she took us with her answer.


The Biggest Block to Creativity (and How to Get Over It)

Erik Wahl walks us through the challenges to creativity that busyness creates – and how to overcome them in our day-to-day lives.


4 Ways to Use Creativity in Crazy Times

Carolyn Gregoire, author of Wired to Create, shares with Signature her steps to harness creativity to keep yourself sane in an oft-insane world.


4 Things Every Writer Thinks While Working on a Book

Author Jon Acuff has five books under his belt and lived to tell the tale. Here, he exposes the four things every writer thinks while working on a book.