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Trailer: Paramount Bets on ‘Ben-Hur’ Remake for August

We're looking at the trailer for Paramount's 'Ben-Hur' remake, the reviews for the latest stage adaptation of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and more.


Week Before Release, Paramount Ditches ‘The Little Prince’

An unexpected setback for 'The Little Prince,' J. J. Abrams's biggest critic, and more in our Daily Blunt.


‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer Proves ’16 Will Be Summer of Slime

Finally! A trailer for the forthcoming Ghostbusters re-boot! This and more in today's roundup. Get ahead of the curve with your Daily Blunt.


Baltimore’s Proposed Divine Monument Needs Your Help

The jury’s still out on whether John Waters made Divine’s career, or the other way around. Either way, the city of Baltimore hopes to honor its legendary Queen of Filth with a stone mo


Comic Cons Battle Over Who Gets the Moniker ‘Comic Con’

The Comic Con is causing some strife, the cast of 'Archie' is taking shape (sort of), and more in today's roundup. Slow down and catch up with your Daily Blunt.


Read the 1994 ‘X-Files’ Script That Became ‘Final Destination’

The roots of 'Final Destination,' getting to the bottom of 'Pacific Rim 2,' and more. Take a moment for this Daily Blunt.