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Confirmed: Zack Snyder Will Film The Fountainhead

Also in the news: Reports from David Sedaris' book tour, and a closer look at the problems in Fahrenheit 451. It's your Daily Blunt!


From Melissa Broder to Allison Pataki: The Best Books of May 2018

From Allison Pataki's heart-wrenching memoir to Melissa Broder's debut novel, there's something for everyone in our May 2018 books preview.


A Few of the Funniest Books Published in 2017, From Baldwin to Sedaris

We took a look at some of the funniest books to hit shelves in 2017, from Alec Baldwin to David Sedaris to Marissa A. Ross.


The Abyss Gazes Back: 13 Quotes On What Makes A Monster

What's left to fear besides ourselves? Quotes on our relationship with our own monstrousness, which is a slippery one, requiring constant vigilance.


Nothing Unnatural: 9 Quotes In Praise of Queer Sex

LGBTQ individuals are often so embroiled in defending their basic rights that it's easy to overlook the simple, human pleasures of queer sex.


The Case Against School Censorship of ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’

'Thirteen Reasons Why' has sparked an interesting debate around censorship. We're looking at this, gender disproportions in Cannes filmmaking, and more.