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Ignite Your Imagination: 12 Books on Creativity to Read Now

Have you been feeling dull, and like you've lost your sense of innovation? Here's a list of 11 books that will bring your creative side back to life.


In the Name of Gucci: Patricia Gucci on Her Father’s Fashion Empire

More than two decades after her father’s death, Patricia Gucci has written the story of Gucci, from its humble Italian roots to a global fashion empire.


Just Human Stuff: On the Interior Design of Bethany Chase’s New Novel

Bethany Chase, author of The One That Got Away, shares how her day job as an interior designer in NYC helped inspire her first novel.


Black in Fashion: Coco Chanel, the ‘Little Dressmaker’ That Could

Had she not taken such great pains to hide it, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel’s life would have been one of the greatest rags-to-riches stories ever told. Biographer Rhonda Garelick has Chanel's ambitious life


Readers, Beware: Blowing Our Bookish Minds with Peter Mendelsund

What you think you see when you read may be far from reality: "When you think of how you imagined Anna Karenina...when you start to examine the details of how you actually imagined her, you might be surprised. It's like performing a kind of psychoanalysis on your imagination."