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27 Best Books to Understand the Costs of Discrimination

The twenty-seven books introduced here all offer the incontestable evidence of what happens when prejudice interferes with real lives.


Sarah McBride on the Fight for Transgender Equality

Activist Sarah McBride, author of Tomorrow Will Be Different, looks at recent progress and setbacks in the fight for trans equality.


Garrard Conley on Identity and Surviving Conversion Therapy

Garrard Conley, author of Boy Erased, discusses his experiences with gay conversion therapy, and gives advice to those struggling to find their identity.


Father and Daughter Nicole and Wayne Maines on Transgender Equality

Nicole Maines and her father, Wayne, share their experiences as a family with a transgender child, and discuss accepting and advocating for trans equality.


Zachary Roth on Voting Rights, the Constitution, and Our Future

The Great Suppression author Zachary Roth explains how, despite voting rights and constitutional protections, U.S. politics remains shockingly undemocratic.


The Good Book Gone Bad: On Prejudice and ‘Religious Liberty’

Mississippi's recent religious liberty law might be shocking, but history shows religion has long been used as an ugly tool for discrimination.