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10 Books to Improve Your Health This New Year

Backed by groundbreaking research and the latest science, these books will help you to understand your body, your mind, and your health this new year.


The Other Side of Impossible: An Interview with Susannah Meadows

When journalist Susannah Meadows found out that her son was chronically ill and not getting better, she was determined to heal him with alternative methods.


His Final Battle: 5 Books on FDR's Quiet Battle Against Polio

These 5 books on FDR and polio, including Joseph Lelyveld's book His Final Battle, help us understand FDR's private and public struggle with the disease.


Read, Spray, Repeat: A Reader’s Guide to the Mosquito’s Life

Like disease itself, mosquitoes have always been part of the human story. Drop the swatter and pick up these books to understand this pesky creature.


The Zika Virus: A Pandemic Like No Other?

Sonia Shah, author of Pandemic, joins Signature to contextualize the role of the Zika pandemic in the ongoing battle between us and evolving viruses.


The Absence of Angels: 9 Quotes From Authors Affected By AIDS

In honor of World AIDS Day, here are 9 authors touched by firsthand experiences with HIV/AIDS, plenty of whom are still writing about their experience today