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Cook Well for Yourself to Heal: On the Benefit of Cooking for One

Internationally bestselling author Sarah Jio joins Signature to open up about her divorce and the healing power of cooking well for yourself.


Other Lives, Same Coffee: On Dreaming Big and Staying Put

'I covet houses. On trips to other cities or even while in my own, I gaze down leafy streets, greedily taking in bits of gardens and white fences, tall ceilings and curved turret rooms.'


Truth in Fiction: A Wedding in Provence by Ellen Sussman

Ellen Sussman, author of French Lessons and the brand-new A Wedding in Provence, shares a glimpse into her personal struggles and how they helped to shape the story.


To Love, To Lose, To Write: 3 Famous Literary Breakups

To celebrate the charming and biting The Divorce Papers by Susan Rieger, we've decided to take a look at some of the most explosive, dramatic, and divisive literary break-ups of all time.


The Debt-Defying Grit of Mardi Jo Link in Bootstrapper

Mardi Jo Link thinks she has hit rock bottom when she and her husband of nineteen years call it quits, but in her hilarious and optimistic memoir, she proves that it is always darkest right before the dawn.


Biography and Memoir Reviews: On Divorce and Tom Mankiewicz

Biography and Memoir Reviews This Week: "Aftermath: On Marriage and Separation" by Rachel Cusk and "My Life As a Mankiewicz: An Insider’s Journey through Hollywood" by Tom Mankiewicz.