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Filmic Joan Didion: On the Writer and ‘The Center Will Not Hold’

The upcoming Netflix documentary, "Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold," will be released on October 27th. Here's a brief look at Joan's legendary life.


What Happens When Cinema and Climate Change Intersect

There's a flood of climate change and conservation films this year - but does it really help matters in any way? And what can YOU do to help?


Oscar Wilde Posthumously Pardoned Thanks to New Turing Law

How often will you get to hear the names of Oscar Wilde and Steve Bannon uttered in the same breath? And this isn't the only reason to read your Daily Blunt today.


Trailer: ‘Weiner’ Documentary Antidote to Election Season?

From Anthony Weiner to Mom's tattoos, today's Daily Blunt is sure to please everyone.


Behold the ’90s: ‘The Craft’ Remake Is Happening at Sony

'The Craft,' one of the 1990s' biggest treasures, is getting the remake treatment. This and more in today's roundup.


‘The 33’: Despite Movie, Chilean Miners Still Face Bleak Prospects

The real aftermath for the miners in 'The 33,' the run-up to the controversy of "Concussion," and more in our Friday roundup.