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Why the World is Finally Ready for More Joan Didion Adaptations

With a gradual shift towards appreciation of female self-possession, cinema finally may be ready to embrace Joan Didion's novels and essays.


Fall Movies 2017: The 20 Adaptations We Can’t Wait For

As we head into one of our most favorite times of year, we're looking ahead to the movie and TV adaptations for which we're most excited.


On War, Documentary, and Why You Should Watch ‘Five Came Back’ Now

‘Five Came Back,’ the Netflix adaptation of Mark Harris’s book, is a powerful reminder of the need for documentary during wartime.


Eyes on the Prize: The PBS Series That Gave a Voice to Black America

Jon Else's book True South looks at the groundbreaking PBS documentary 'Eyes on the Prize' and how it offered a vital new look at the Civil Rights movement.


Read This Rats Book to Confirm Your Worst Fears

Morgan Spurlock’s latest documentary is based on Robert Sullivan’s morbidly fascinating book Rats, which confirms everything you hate about the rodents.


In Conversation with the Makers of ‘Command and Control’

'Command and Control,' based on the book of the same name, is a thrilling look at the Damascus Accident. Here we catch up with the men behind it.