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Bring It, 2018! 12 Quotes About Remaining Hopeful

New Year, new fears -- but also, the kind of hope that survives long stretches of darkness. The following quotes may strike sparks that light your way.


All Tomorrow’s Parties: 11 Quotes About Over-Imbibing

For those who struggle with moderation during Christmas and New Year's: You're in good company with the following authors.


7 Hilarious Women Writers to Read Right Now

The pen is mightier than the sword – and certainly funnier. Case in point? These hilarious women writers whose books you should read right now.


The Library Is Open: 13 Instances of Writers Throwing Shade at One Another

People have been throwing shade for as long as they could form words. Take, for example, these thirteen instances of authors getting smartly sharp.


6 Best Cocktails From Classic Literature

Hey drinkers: need some inspiration? Check out some of the best cocktails that have featured prominently in classic literature.


For the Love of Writing: The Journey from Process to Product

Chris Bohjalian on his day-to-day writing process, the impression John Gardner made on his writing career, and why he's glad he didn't become a banker.