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Close Encounters: 9 Quotes About Extraterrestrial Life

Is anyone out there really listening? If so, please accept this bouquet of quotes about the possibility of alien encounters.


Hearing Is Believing: 10 Unforgettable Audiobooks

Certain audiobooks stand out head and shoulders above the rest, adding greater luster to already-cherished literary treasures. Here are some of these bravura performances -- including some from the authors themselves.


Elon Musk’s SpaceX Craft Will Pay Tribute to Douglas Adams

Elon Musk is paying an out-of-this-world tribute to Douglas Adams, Dan Brown will deliver his next Da Vinci Code installment in 2017, and more. Catch up on everything with your Daily Blunt.


Battle of the Hamlets: Prince Charles Takes on Cumberbatch

An update on one of Douglas Adams' favorite birds, a bio-battle with Mick Jagger, and more in this, your Daily Blunt!


Death & Taxes: 9 Quotes From Authors Who Feel Your Tax-Day Pain

For your annual tax day anguish, enclosed are 9 author quotes steeped in bitter humor about our collective misery and fits of procrastination.


Real Science: A Q&A with ‘The Martian’ Writer Drew Goddard

We caught up with Drew Goddard, screenwriter of 'The Martian,' to talk about science, writing, and more.