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Vivid Ephemera: 13 Quotes From Psychedelic Literature

A little chemical assistance goes a long way in writing. Just ask Tom Robbins and Hunter S. Thompson, whose minds went in different, wild directions.


A Good Trip: 6 Books on the Upside of Psychedelics

For 30 days, Ayelet Waldman microdosed on LSD to improve her mood. Waldman's story and others offer a curious peephole into a new world of psychedelics.


How a Night Class in Spanish Led to a Novel in Mexico

Lili Wright joins Signature to discuss how living in Mexico for a time changed her life and inspired her to write her first novel, Dancing with the Tiger.


Influential Books, Revisited: Random Family by Adrian LeBlanc

Adrian Nicole LeBlanc's revolutionary Random Family was published 13 years ago, but the issues it brings to light are searingly relevant today.


Kicking the Habit: 10 of the Best Books on Addiction

Addiction has been a well-trodden subject for writers over the years, but it's also a difficult one. Here are ten of the best books on addiction.


4 Books to Help You Understand America’s Opiate Epidemic

These four books will help you familiarize yourself with America's pill problem, where we're responsible for 99 percent of the world’s hydrocodone consumption.