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‘The Haunting of Hill House’ and More Making Netflix Spookier Than Ever

Also in your Signature Need-to-Know: the battle over Drag Queen Story Hour, and a guide to recognizing Neil Gaiman's real signature.


When Real Writers Make Fictional Appearances: A Reading List

These ten contemporary novels feature real-life writers, from Shirley Jackson to H.P. Lovecraft to Arthur Conan Doyle.


You Want It When? 12 Quotes About Procrastination

As summer ends and everyone heads back to school, it's important to remember that procrastination is more than a bad habit - it's a time-honored tradition.


18 Essential Classic Books to Read Before You Die

Remember all those books you were supposed to read in your English classes and lit courses but never did? Here are the classic books to read before you die.


Forevermore: 9 Quotes From Other Authors About Poe

In remembrance of Edgar Allan Poe, the following authors are here to toast him (and some, to roast him).


All Tomorrow’s Parties: 11 Quotes About Over-Imbibing

For those who struggle with moderation during Christmas and New Year's: You're in good company with the following authors.