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Jane Austen’s Editor on the Benefits of Editing the Beloved Novelist

Editor and professor Juliette Wells shares what it was like editing Jane Austen's classic novels and what she gained from the experience.


The Origins of What Color Is Your Parachute: Dick Bolles’s Editor Reflects

The editor of Richard Bolles's classic, What Color Is Your Parachute?, reflects back on working with Dick, the origins of the title, and the book's legacy.


Editors Kristen Case and Jeffrey Cramer Discuss Henry David Thoreau

Here's an interview with the editors of the Penguin Classics editions of Walden and The Portable Thoreau in honor of Thoreau’s 200th birthday this summer.


Jay Chandrasekhar on How to Become a Better Filmmaker: Learn to Edit

Jay Chandrasekhar (director, writer, actor, and author of Mustache Shenanigans) describes why all filmmakers should learn how to edit their own footage.


Get to Know Peter Mayle with Editor Jonathan Segal

Jonathan Segal, longtime editor to Peter Mayle, offers us a more personal look at the author as he publishes his latest, The Corsican Caper.


Jennifer Tress On Men, Memoirs, and One Editor’s Sage Advice

Jennifer Tress, author of You’re Not Pretty Enough, joins Signature to discuss men, memoirs and one editor's brilliant advice.