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Hail to the Thief: The Case Against Edward Snowden

Edward J. Epstein, author of How America Lost Its Secrets, covers the many clues pointing to Edward Snowden's suspicious ties with Russia.


Weekend Reading: Kaine vs. Pence, the NSA, and More

This weekend, brush up on the role of the American vice president in the wake of the debate, keep up with the latest NSA scandal, and watch out for Hurricane Matthew.


Oliver Stone Nails It in Latest, ‘Snowden’: A Movie Review

Oliver Stone once again examines where we’ve been and where we’re going, this time in ‘Snowden.’


‘Interview With the Vampire’ Director Posts Pic of Script

Starting with Anne Rice and ending with Twin Peaks, take a moment for your Daily Blunt.


Watch: First ‘Snowden’ Trailer Shows Intense Promise

The trailer for ‘Snowden’ is here – and it looks like it’s in line with the intensity of the story on which the movie is based.


Privacy or Security? 5 Books on the NSA’s Role in America

For context on former director Michael Hayden's role in US security, pick up these five books about the NSA and CIA during the past decades.