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The 10 Best Poems According to a Professor Who Teaches the Best 100

DeSales Harrison, author of The Waters & The Wild, teaches an English course every year at Oberlin called "One Hundred Poems." Here, he gives us ten.


Library Serves As Backdrop For Protest In ‘The Public’

Also in the news: John Scalzi's bestselling series heads to Netflix, and Emily Dickinson's doughnuts head to a holiday party near you. It's the Daily Blunt!


Why David Lynch Backed Down From Adapting Kafka

Also in the news: Pretending to be Emily Dickinson on OKCupid, and the problem with "strong female characters" on Stranger Things. It's your Daily Blunt!


Emily Dickinson Was Kind of a Millennial Well Ahead of Her Time

Emily Dickinson, tucked away scribbling in her bedroom in the 1800s, shared more with today’s millennial than one might think.


Why Hope Is Worth Having and How Literature Can Prove It

Is hope worth having? Our answer: a resounding yes. Let us prove it to you with the words of Barack Obama, Emily Dickinson, John Green, and Alexander Pope.


Massive James Baldwin Archive Awaits Public at NYC’s Schomburg Center

New insight into the life and mind of James Baldwin abounds, order in advance of the traditional White House Easter Egg Roll does not, and more.