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3 Books to Read on Independence Day if You’re Politically-Minded

If Independence Day has got you thinking more about civil rights than cookouts, we're recommending Upton Sinclair, Rachel Carson, and Stokely Carmichael.


Ken Ilgunas Encourages Cultural Movements to Help the Environment

Author Ken Ilgunas discusses how managing climate change isn't effective on an individual level and why helping the environment must be a cultural movement.


So You've Read Silent Spring: 5 Environmental Books to Read Next

Rachel Carson's Silent Spring wasn’t the only book of its kind: The '60s and '70s introduced several works of canonical environmental literature.


When 20th-Century Science Fiction Anticipates 21st-Century Politics

As Ann VanderMeer notes: “Really good science fiction is commenting on the present at the same time it’s talking about tomorrow.”


Influential Books, Revisited: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

If a book can change just one life, help just one person, many writers say, then they’ll have done their jobs. Changing one life might be enough for those writers, but Rachel Carson’s aims were hi


Trespassing Across America: A Hike Along the Keystone Pipeline

Ken Ilgunas's travel memoir, Trespassing Across America, recounts his time hiking the entirety of the proposed length for the Keystone XL pipeline.