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Hope Shines On: Transgender Rights Gain Ground in Trump’s America

Even as the Trump presidency threatens the too-few rights of transgender Americans, the author of Tomorrow Will Be Different builds a strong case for hope.


Sarah McBride on the Fight for Transgender Equality

Activist Sarah McBride, author of Tomorrow Will Be Different, looks at recent progress and setbacks in the fight for trans equality.


Father and Daughter Nicole and Wayne Maines on Transgender Equality

Nicole Maines and her father, Wayne, share their experiences as a family with a transgender child, and discuss accepting and advocating for trans equality.


How Martin Luther King Jr. Improvised His ‘I Have a Dream’ Speech

Author and professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. reveals the little-known improvisation of Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'I Have a Dream' speech.


No One Is Born Hating: 2 Leaders and the Words We Needed Most

Barack Obama tweeted a quote from Nelson Mandela and it became the most popular tweet of all time. We couldn't help but to illustrate it.


The Path to Greatness: 12 of the Best Women in Sports Books

These eleven books are a few of our favorites and recount the inspirational and sometimes painful stories of women in sports.