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From Christina Dalcher to Javier Marias: The Best Books of August 2018

Debuts by Christina Dalcher and Nico Walker, hard-hitting nonfiction, a new volume from Javier Marias, and more: These are our favorites of August 2018.


Samantha Irby Proves That Humor is a Powerful Weapon Against Despair

Author Samantha Irby has potent wit and humor, and masterful writing skills: all powerful weapons against the dark.


What Lorrie Moore’s Essays Can Teach Us About “The Male Glance”

Lorraine Berry read Lorrie Moore's latest essay collection with Lili Loofbourow's "The Male Glance" in mind, and here's what she discovered.


Why Hannah Arendt’s Thoughts on the Shape of Power Are Relevant Now

According to Hannah Arendt, authoritarian government, tyrannical rule, and totalitarianism take different shapes. Here, Nathan Gelgud illustrates them.


Zadie Smith on the Essential Services of Independent Bookstores

In "North West London Blues," an essay in Zadie Smith's collection Feel Free, Smith reflects on the incredible importance of independent bookstores.


J.M. Coetzee’s Essays on Literature Examine the Role of the Author

J.M. Coetzee’s clear-eyed, informative essays about fiction examine the relationship of the author with their published work.