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What Books Will We Be Talking About 100 Years from Now?

Martin Puchner, author of The Written World, discusses which twenty-first century books will likely still be discussed 100 years from now.


On Elephants, the Illegal Ivory Trade, and Fiction

World-renowned expert on elephants Caitlin O’Connell discusses how her experience with elephants and the illegal ivory trade has influenced her fiction.


Phillip Lewis on the Literary Easter Eggs in His Novel The Barrowfields

Phillip Lewis, author of The Barrowfields, discusses the myriad literary influences that have gone into his writing, from the Bible to Tennessee Williams.


Brunonia Barry on the Salem Witch Trials, Then and Now

Brunonia Barry, author of The Fifth Petal, joins Signature to discuss the Salem witch trials, their influence on her writing, and their relevance today.


In Carl Hiaasen’s Weird World of Florida Fiction, Anything Goes

Carl Hiaasen and Florida go together like a Gambian pouch rat and the Florida Keys, and his fiction treasures and teases the state in equal measure.


Ever Wonder Why Professional Wrestling is Fake?

Chad Dundas, author of Champion of the World, explains how pro wrestling went from being a real sport to one fixed and fake. (Hint: We're responsible.)