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Reed Richards Redux: 4 Ways to Get a Fantastic Four Adaptation Right

We’ve just witnessed another abysmal ‘Fantastic Four’ film – so isn’t it time someone does it well?


Facing Boycott, 'Stonewall' Director Addresses Complaints

Roland Emmerich is facing a bit of 'Stonewall' backlash, Elle Fanning takes on transgender, and more!


'Fantastic Four' Director Insists Original Cut Would Have Wowed Us

We've got rants from the director of 'Fantastic four' and Edward Norton and more in our Friday roundup. Get your Daily Blunt here!


Judy Blume Saves Marriage, Replaces Book Lost by Reader's Husband

Judy Blume gives us yet another reason to adore her, Judy Greer is having quite the busy summer, and more in your Daily Blunt.