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10 Best Books on Personal Style and Fashion

From memoirs and biographies to visual guides, these books delve deep into the past, present, and future of personal style.


The Runway Booked: A Literary Guide to Fashion History

In these seven books you’ll find a comprehensive understanding of fashion history, in all of its fanciful highs and questionable lows.


7 Must-reads Courtesy of Joan Juliet Buck

Inspired by her gorgeous new memoir, The Price of Illusion, we asked Joan Juliet Buck to share the must-reads from her storied life.


4 Reasons Literature Loves the Roaring ‘20s

The Roaring ‘20s offers up a whole host of fodder that inspires both writers and readers. Here are four reasons it’s an era oft returned to.


Memoir of Tamara Mellon of Jimmy Choo to Be Adapted

Tamara Mellon’s memoir of her career with Jimmy Choo (and then some!) will be adapted by Working Title Films.


Film’s 10 Most Iconic Dresses: A Look at Cinematic Fashion

Jane L. Rosen knows the power of the right dress and shared with Signature her picks for the ten most iconic from film.