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In Perfect Harmony: Why Music and Fiction Work Well Together

Renowned author William Boyd explains why writing a novel about a musician is difficult but worthwhile, when done properly.


All Writers Write Differently, But Here Are 4 Things We All Must Do

Every writer writes differently, but here are four things author Katy Regan knows we all keep in mind, starting with: just try and tell the truth.


There’s a Limit to Writing What You Know, and Here’s Why

The problem with writing what you know is you may just overwrite it. Here's how to make sure that you don't fall prey to the "write what you know" advice.


Why It’s Okay to Root for the “Villain” in Books and Movies

Author Rena Olsen on the allure of villains for readers and writers and why there's no such thing as a fully evil character.


Write What You Want to Know: The Importance of Writing the Unfamiliar

Katie Ganshert discusses the importance of writing about what you want to know and explore, and how she did this in her latest novel, No One Ever Asked.


Why a Group Getaway Can Be the Perfect Writing Prompt

You aren't just imagining it - travel imposes unique tests of friendship which, as the author of The French Girl explains, can inspire endless stories.