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Writing a Ghost Story: How to Get Your Reader to Suspend Disbelief

Paranormal writers: How can you get your readers to suspend disbelief? Simone St. James doles out some advice on the topic.


To Outline, or Not to Outline? How Jasmine Guillory Prepares Her Writing

Jasmine Guillory, author of The Wedding Date and The Proposal, discusses how and why she outlines when writing works of fiction.


5 Classic Books That Are Ripe for a Retelling

Lisa Gabriele, author of The Winters, shares the three essential elements of a classic book and five classics that she believes are ripe for a retelling.


How to Discover and Strengthen Your Writing Voice

Voice is one of the most powerful tools a writer can wield. Bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz offers advice on how to discover your own unique voice.


In Perfect Harmony: Why Music and Fiction Work Well Together

Renowned author William Boyd explains why writing a novel about a musician is difficult but worthwhile, when done properly.


All Writers Write Differently, But Here Are 4 Things We All Must Do

Every writer writes differently, but here are four things author Katy Regan knows we all keep in mind, starting with: just try and tell the truth.