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Erin Brockovich, the Sequel? Chromium-6 Found in US Water Supply

The chemical Erin Brockovich railed against is back in the news, Oscar Wilde's prison cell is open to the public, and more in our pre-weekend Daily Blunt.


A Dark, Rainy Night: The 10-Movie Guide to 1940s Film Noir

As we slip into the dreariness of winter, use the early darkness to get caught up on all the film noir you need.


NBC Plans Full-Length Movie Adapted From Dolly Parton's 'Jolene'

Your Daily Blunt also delivers the dirt on a new Yelp documentary, plus a critique of "True Detective" as film noir.


Film Noir Comes to Life Onstage in 'Kill Me Like You Mean It'

The tropes are familiar in 'Kill Me Like You Mean It,' now on stage in NYC, but the effects might surprise you.


The 4 Must-Sees From the Raymond Chandler Canon

It's been decades since the Raymond Chandler canon has been tapped for adaptation; here are the must-sees.


Noir and 'The Two Faces of January': A Q&A with Hossein Amini

We caught up with writer-director Hossein Amini to talk about his directorial debut, landscape as character, and more.