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What Distinguishes Catalan Cuisine from the Rest of Spanish Food

This tradition of combining food from the “sea and mountains” is part of Catalan's culture, which differs slightly from the rest of Spain.


How to Take Soul Food Back to Its Plant-Based Roots

Jenne Claiborne, author of Sweet Potato Soul, proves that when it comes to vegan soul food, you can have your cake and eat it too.


A Literary Ode to Oysters: 10 Books Inspired By These Shelled Creatures

Oysters are truly a strange delicacy. It's no wonder they've been seducing humans for so long and have inspired beautiful literature of all genres.


Feed Your Soul and Mind: 8 Books on Eating for Smart People

If you’re looking for a more intellectual way in, here are some great cookbooks and reads that will surely feed both your soul and your mind.


How Christina Tosi, the Visionary Behind Milk Bar, Gets Her Inspiration

When Christina Tosi isn’t in sweets mode, she makes heavenly dishes like this seven-layer dip, which is perfect for satisfying those late night munchies.


3 Simple Rules for How to Cook and Eat Well When You Travel

Lia Huber is an entrepreneur, consultant, recipe developer and food writer. Here, she shares tips for how to cook and eat well while traveling.