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10 Books About Botany and the Power of Plants

Learn more about our natural neighbors with these ten captivating nonfiction books about botany and plants around the world.


The High Road: 10 Best Books for a Pot-loving Lifestyle

Light up, inhale, and hit the books. From cookbooks to growing guides and coloring books, here are 10 of the best books on weed to read right now.


Stories Are Like Gardens: The Inspiration Behind The Wildling Sisters

Author Eve Chase shares the elements of her life that contributed to her newest novel, and how her inspiration blossomed in her own garden.


Whole Foods, Whole Life: From the Ground Up

From the Ground Up is Jeanne Nolan’s story of life after living on a commune. She reinvents herself by bringing her extensive experience with organic farming home to Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, starting a small business helping people plant gardens in their backyards, and working with Green City Market to create a 5,000-square-foot vegetable garden for children at the Lincoln Park Zoo.


To Eat: Growing, Loving, and Living Well

In their writing and in the seven cultivated acres that make up their internationally renowned North Hill garden in southern Vermont, what Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd omit is as vital as what they include. It's not startling, therefore, that the first chapter of their most recent book, To Eat: A Country Life, does not mention M.F.K. Fisher.


Celebrate Spring with 5 Freshly Plucked Gardening Memoirs

Dream of cultivating your own little corner of natural beauty with this collection of earthy, organic and delectable gardening memoirs by writers who have faith that even in the darkest winter, the bulbs and roots beneath the earth are storing energy, preparing to renew our faith in nature come March.