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Gay Talese Steps Back From His Upcoming Book, ‘The Voyeur’s Motel’

This installment of the Daily Blunt also wishes Olivia de Havilland a happy 100th birthday, and explores bizarre new revelations about "Skyfall" and "Revenge of the Sith."


‘Smiling Through the Apocalypse:’ Esquire’s Journalism in the 1960s

The Esquire documentary "Smiling Through the Apocalypse" is great, but grimacing through its aftermath ain’t half bad either.


Happy Birthday, Gay Talese, and Cheers to Your Intense Curiosity

Imagine, if you will, that this evening, on the occasion of Gay Talese’s eighty-second birthday, we are a throwing a dinner party in his honor, with a guest list made up of the eclectic sources and forces who have shaped his work and life.


On the Arrival of the Beatles

In her new book, Penelope Rowlands gathered the thoughts of dozens of cultural presences on the impact of the Beatles. Here, we get her take on it all.