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10 Banned Books We Read Again and Again

With great accolades and attention often comes challenges. These ten oft-challenged or banned books pushed the envelope - and are always worth a re-read.


SN2K: Molding Your Reading Brain to a Digital World and More

Also in your Signature Need-to-Know: The Oscar Wilde of YouTube, the death of the Great Barrier Reef, and one of George Orwell's rejection letters.


Infinite Facts: 15 Quotes on the Importance of a Free Press

"Fake News" cries notwithstanding, Americans had better find some faith in the institution of the free press while we've still got one.


Beyond Big Brother: 12 Obscure Orwell Quotes

Marking Orwell's birthday this week, we take a deep dive into the wartime realities he documented long before 1984 made him into a political prophet.


Author Garrard Conley: ‘Literature Saved My Life’

Also in the news: A rekindled interest in poetry, and what writers today can learn from George Orwell. It's your Daily Blunt!


Our 25 Favorite Closing Lines in Literature

What are your favorite closing lines in literature? We picked our top 25, from Harry Potter to Charles Dickens and beyond.