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The Pet Sematary Remake Countdown Just Shrunk

Also in the news: Shifting narratives in the George Takei accusation, and a scheme for crashing the NYT bestseller list. It's your Daily Blunt!


Author Pins White House Leaks on Kellyanne Conway

Also in the news: Nebraska native Roxane Gay laughs at being called an "urban elite," and an A.I. spits out a fantasy author mashup. It's your Daily Blunt!


10 Fictional Characters That Are Definitely Having a Worse Day Than You

Even your very worst day is unlikely to be as bad as these characters'. These ten books will have you counting your blessings, even in dark times.


Annihilation Filmmaker Faces Whitewashing Questions

Also in the news: Layoffs at a major bookseller, and a crash course in IP rights for kids. It's your Daily Blunt!


Wherefore Art Thou, Mel? The Importance of a Name

The author of Madness is Better Than Defeat has some pointers for making sure a new character's name stands out - or doesn't, as dictated by your story.


Defining Books of the ’90s

The years between 1989 and Y2K were a boom for groundbreaking fiction and nonfiction. Here are 15 examples that serve as a portal to these exciting times.