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8 Best Audiobooks Narrated by a Full Cast

When you listen to an audiobook with a full cast, it's a game changer. The different voices and rhythms can put a new spin on the most well-loved novel.


10 Best Books for Staying In When the Weather is Bad

From mysteries and thrillers to character-driven dramas, here are a few of our favorite recent “time for me to be a weather-driven recluse” novels.


12 Conversation-Worthy Books to Help Avert Holiday Dinner Disaster

Don't wanna talk Trump over turkey? Wiggle out of any holiday conversation crisis by pivoting to a perfectly neutral topic. The following books should help!


Essential Anthologies: Poetry, Essays, and Letters in the Age of Trump

The age of Trump has been a divisive one, to say the least, but it's also been a fruitful period of writers coming together. Here are a few examples.


Emma Watson Conscripts ‘Book Fairies’ To Hide More Novels Around London

Emma Watson is pounding the pavement in the name of literature and women. Laura Esquivel's Like Water for Chocolate has found new life. This and more.


The Seven Steps on George Saunders’s Path to Compassion

Step 6: Saunders will step back during the revision process to reassess the kindness and empathy he feels for his characters.