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Whitewashing Scandal Tanked ‘Ghost in the Shell,’ Paramount Admits

In which Jordan Peele breaks another writing record, and Asimov's birthday inspires a journey through the literary history of artificial intelligence. It's time for your Daily Blunt!


Judge Hands Hate-Crime Offenders Unusual Sentence: Read Books

We'd hardly consider books a punishment, but if it combats ignorance, we'll get behind it. This and more in today's Daily Blunt.


End-of-‘16 Sci-Fi Roundup: Starship Troopers Redux and More

In this latest round-up: Starship Troopers is back, ‘Y: The Last Man’ has found its showrunner, ‘The Inhumans’ are coming, and more.


Pop Culture Picks: ‘Ghost in the Shell,’ Joe Hill, and More

Here’s what caught our eye in mainstream entertainment this month, starting with a first look at ‘Ghost in the Shell.’


A Guide to the Rage Over ScarJo in ‘Ghost in the Shell’

More whitewashing in Hollywood via 'Ghost in the Shell,' less diversity in literature, and more. Find it all in our Daily Blunt.


Trailer: Cynthia Mort’s Doomed Nina Simone Biopic Marches Forth

Your Daily Blunt also includes updates on that "Ghost in the Shell" remake and a bit of bad news for Jena Malone.