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Why We Talk to the Dead: Ghosts in History, Culture, and Literature

Lorraine Berry explores humanity's fascination with ghosts and spirits, and recommends Ben Dolnick's The Ghost Notebooks to ghost story fans.


Horror Queen Primer: 11 of the Best Shirley Jackson Books

Here’s a look at some of the best Shirley Jackson books, encompassing both her career as a writer and her lasting influence on the horror genre.


Modern Chills: 11 Contemporary Ghost Stories to Read Now

Have a taste for the supernatural? Interested in being spooked? Brace yourself for plot-twists, horror, and haunting in these contemporary ghost stories.


11 Spooky Books to Give You the Chills

Tis the season for scares! Curl up with one of these suspenseful thrillers, paranormal tales, or haunting histories to keep yourself just a little spooked.


Dead Residents: 5 Famous Haunted Houses from Colin Dickey's Ghostland

Get in the Halloween spirit with this illustrated guide to five real haunted houses from around the country, adapted from Colin Dickey's Ghostland.


Home to Hurt: On the Literary Appeal of the Haunted House

There's something about the appeal of the haunted house. Case in point: the new novel, All Things Cease to Appear.