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Horror Queen Primer: 11 of the Best Shirley Jackson Books

Here’s a look at some of the best Shirley Jackson books, encompassing both her career as a writer and her lasting influence on the horror genre.


Modern Chills: 11 Contemporary Ghost Stories to Read Now

Have a taste for the supernatural? Interested in being spooked? Brace yourself for plot-twists, horror, and haunting in these contemporary ghost stories.


Lars Von Trier Loses Final Cut; 'Nymphomaniac' Goes Shorter, Tamer

Editor's Note: Today's roundup is more risque than usual, with news on a new 'Nymphomaniac,' orgasmic Improv Everywhere, and more.


Finally, Christopher Walken Reads 'Where the Wild Things Are' Aloud

Also in our roundup, Mark Ruffalo really digs his role as the Hulk, The Corrections hits a roadblock, and Tony-nominated musicians.