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The Language of Grief: How Writers Write About Loss

Lorraine Berry takes a look at grief memoirs, from Joan Didion to Rainer Maria Rilke, to examine the ways in which writers digest loss.


Nancy Thayer on the Loss of Anita Shreve as a Reader and Writer

Bestselling author Nancy Thayer on the loss the literary world faced after the death of Anita Shreve, and how it affected her as a writer and reader.


Anya Yurchyshyn on the Difficulties of Writing an Honest Memoir

In an interview, Anya talked to Signature about writing memoir, and how what she has learned about her parents’ lives has changed her feelings toward them.


Two Books With Alcoholic Protagonists That Actually Avoid Clichés

By making their main characters alcoholics, both Sparrow and Boyd avoid the common cliches about drinking and write about real, complex human stories.


Here’s What Miss Havisham Can Teach Us About Grief

Lorraine Berry examines the most laughed-at character in Charles Dickens's Great Expectations (and in its many adaptations), Miss Havisham.


Creating Characters, Writing a Family, and More with Camille Bordas

Camille Bordas knows a thing or two about character development, family dynamics, and writing about loss, and she's joined us to share her writerly wisdom.