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The Summer of Grandma Maria by Lorenzo Carcaterra

For Signature’s That Summer series, Lorenzo Carcaterra revisits the summer of 1969, a summer he spent at the elbow of one very special woman.


Girl Talk Author Christie Young and the Summer of 10%

As part of our That Summer series, Girl Talk author Christie Young channels her twelve-year-old self.


Marc Spitz’s Summer of ’81: There’s A New Wave Comin’, I Warn Ya

For our That Summer series, Marc Spitz remembers the summer of 1981, when he attended his first co-ed dance.


On the Magic of Summer Camp by Anton DiSclafani

For Signature's That Summer series, in which authors share personal stories on the summers that shaped them or their subjects, Anton DiSclafani thinks back to her own summer camp experience, and why it mattered.


The Very Last Summer by Rachel Bertsche

For Signature’s That Summer series, Rachel Bertsche shares the blissful last summer she spent as a child away at camp.


The Adventure Inside: Josh Weil on Storycrafting in Tanzania

For Signature's That Summer series, Josh Weil looks back to his teenage days in Tanzania, surrounded by adventure but none so absorbing as the stories he begins to craft in his head.