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Weekend Rec: Sarah Waters's Classic Horror Novel, The Little Stranger

October is the perfect time to get lost in a thrilling gothic horror book. We happen to have the perfect rec: The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters.


A Scene from Shirley Jackson’s ‘A Visit,’ Adapted and Illustrated

We took an illustrated look at Shirley Jackson's scary short story "A Visit," found in her collection Dark Tales.


Awaken Your Inner Witch with These 12 Witchy Reads for All Hallows Eve

This spellbinding collection of witchy books ranging from poetry to fiction will awaken your inner witch just in time for Halloween.


The Abyss Gazes Back: 13 Quotes On What Makes A Monster

What's left to fear besides ourselves? Quotes on our relationship with our own monstrousness, which is a slippery one, requiring constant vigilance.


Biblio-boo: 19 Bookshelf-Based Halloween Costumes

You know what the fix is for a boring Halloween party? A good read. Be ready with one of these nineteen bookish Halloween costumes.


11 Spooky Books to Give You the Chills

Tis the season for scares! Curl up with one of these suspenseful thrillers, paranormal tales, or haunting histories to keep yourself just a little spooked.