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The Unspoken Matters: The Actor’s Role in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

An excerpt from Nicholas Hytner's book, Balancing Acts, that discusses the importance of the actor's interpretation in Shakespeare's "Hamlet."


‘Game of Thrones’ Star Shares Her Harvey Weinstein Story

'Game of Thrones' star Lena Headey is one of the latest to speak up against Harvey Weinstein, sharing her disturbing and heartbreaking story via Twitter.


On Writers Taking on Shakespeare, and Why It’s More Than Okay

Who could come up with a story of political intrigue and betrayal that didn’t rely, in some way, on Julius Caesar? On writers leaning on Shakespeare.


Matryoshka Stories: 14 of the Best Books Within Books

When an author uses a book as a plot device to tell a story within a story, magical things can happen. Here are some of our favorite books within books.


Battle of the Hamlets: Prince Charles Takes on Cumberbatch

An update on one of Douglas Adams' favorite birds, a bio-battle with Mick Jagger, and more in this, your Daily Blunt!


Without Shakespeare, Literature Would Look Entirely Different

Shakespeare is the long-dead embodiment of everything we know to be true about literature, and about what it means to be a writer.